Legendary History・・・

Why does the Japanese spirit has connected with Sontoku Ninomiya?

Sontoku Ninomiya (1787-1856) is the person La Vertu Coton admires.
Sontoku Ninomiya was called Kinjiro Ninomiya as his childhood name. Both his parents died when he was still a young boy. Even though he was poor, he diligently worked and taught himself to become a highly educated man. He successfully helped to save more than 600 impoverished farming villages all over Japan.
The Houtoku philosophy was established and organized as a great wisdom through those experiences. ‘Houtoku kun’ (Houtoku teachings) is a summary written in 108 characters and has been applied to everyday life.
Admitting inborn human desire for wealth, his moral philosophy was based on harmony tactfully blended with surrounding circumstances, cultivating both human heart and economy. This concept was accepted in a wide range of social conditions, not only for relief measures for impoverished villages. It has tremendously influenced many famous economists like Eiichi Shibusawa, Zenjiro Yasuda, Sakichi Toyoda, Kounosuke Matsushita, and Toshio Dokou and still has continuous impact on many people now.
Houtoku movement was regarded as an effective measure to reduce disparities between cities and farming villages by Beijing University and other institutions.
Meetings of the International Ninomiya Sontoku Association, INSA have been held every other year since 2003.

Hotoku Philosophy Campaign

The Houtoku movement started to spread all over Japan around the Meiji restoration period. This period was the dawning of modernization of this country. The Houtoku movement was advocated by Sontoku Ninomiya to establish harmony of morality and economy to save impoverished peasa nts. Gidou Shoushichi Agoin lead the movement in the Enshu region. Later a leading disciple named Ryoichiro Okada played a central role in the movement in Kakegawa where Dainippon Houtokusha was opened.

TOYOTA group founder Sakichi Toyoda has also admired Hotoku Philosophy

Toyota Motor Corporation called as TOYOTA is the leading company in Japan. The company is world well-known company but Hotoku philosophy has been also adopted to the company.
It is important to do Sincerity至誠、Diligence 勤労、Modesty 分度、Charity 推譲in Hotoku philosophy. It advocates a harmony/reconciliation between economy and morality and the thought that If you make a social contribution eventually it brings benefits back to individual.
The father of founder Toyoda Sakichi enthusiastically had believed and practiced Hotoku philosophy. Sakichi had learnt it from his father and made it as his own norm of actions.
The Guiding Principles at Toyota was adapted in 1992. Hotoku philosophy has been handed down as part of principles on the company Toyota.

Hotoku philosophy and La Vertu Coton

The founding president of Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Dainippon Hotokusha was Ryoichiro Okada from Kurami, Kakegawa city. There is the oldest Hotoku building (called as Hotokusha) in the city and it celebrated the 170th anniversary in 2019. At the same year, La Vertu Coton was established in Kurami Hotokusha. It made us feeling a spiritual and our fate. We present Hotoku philosophy which makes your life better to all people in the world from here Kurami Hotokusha.
We consider it is important to hand down Hotoku philosophy. It is not only because we base in Hotoku building but also because we admire the philosophy especially a harmony between morality and economy. We believe the harmony makes sustainable production and society.

La Vertu Coton
Presents everyone the Yukata which Hotoku philosophy exists

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Wearing our Yukata and feeling the cotton make you feel Hotoku Philosophy.
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