Commitment by La Vertu Coton

Commitment by La Vertu Coton to the learning and challenging

La Vertu Coton was began with the episode that an elderly woman gave a bag of cotton seeds. It seemed to be mixed kinds of seeds and there were traditional Japanese cotton and highest quality of cotton barbadense because various flowers bloomed and various cotton grew.
The pleasure of cotton growing made us learn cultivation for cotton. We know lots of cotton had been cultivated in our city Kakegawa from Edo era to beginning of Showa (1600~1930) and the land is suitable for cultivation for cotton. Then we decided continue the cultivation to make fabrics with the cotton someday.
Our teacher is Mr.Osumi who work in a famous organic farm and our business partner “Yasai Batake” They lent us their licensed agricultural field.
While studying agriculture which is one of the principle by Sontoku Ninomiya, we would like to grow colorful cotton flowers blooming in our city.

Commitment by La Vertu Coton to organic

Kakegawa city Shizuoka prefecture where La Vertu Coton was born is the best place for cultivating cotton because of long duration of bright sunshine. We have committed organic cultivation and taken eco-friendly way to make cotton.
In addition, IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements), which organizes organic farming promotion activities on an international scale and has set four items “ecosystem”, “health”, “fairness” and “consideration” as organic principles. Following this, we make cotton with the following the principles.

1. Coexist with nature and Environmental preservation
Protecting plants and animals, and preserving biodiversity.
We are trying not to use pesticide or chemical fertilizer and protect water, soil and air from pollution.

2.Healthy lifestyle
To keep our healthy lifestyle, use recycled material as much as we can

3.Healthy society
To make society human being first

4.ncouraging consumption of local seasonal foods for one’s health

Enjoy feeling our best cotton made from the 4 principles!