La Vertu Coton presented two designs Yukata

All products are BTO
The summer in 2021 is the Tokyo Olympic Game
Come to Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture for memories of your lifetime.

Our artisans make your Yukata with their hearts by your order (order form below).
The 2021 Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo Japan and we hope lots of international people will visit Japan. However, humid Japanese summer makes them uncomfortable.
The Yukata presented by La Vertu Coton makes you comfortable even under hot and humid summer climates. It is perfect for watching Olympic game.
There is another problem about Tokyo Olympics game. Tokyo is quite big city in the world so many people live/work and many travelers stay but there are not enough places for stay. So we suggest you to stay in Kakegawa city Shizuoka prefecture! The city is surrounded by nature, has a beautiful castle or onsen etc… but it is quite easy to go to Tokyo as well. If you take Shinkansen for 1 hour and 45 minutes from Tokyo, you can arrive at Kakegawa city.
So we hope to hand you our Yukata in person when you come to see Olympic games in Japan so please come to visit at Kakegawa city Shizuoka prefecture. We hand the product; make you dress in the Yukata perfectly and present authentic Japanese experiences.
We would like to provide all guests with your best memories and inspirations in your life. When you are in Kakegawa city, you can enjoy beautiful nature, Kakegawa castle, Mt. Fuji from Mt. Awagatake, Dainippon Houtokusha* and of course delicious foods. Make your memorable summer in a Japanese countryside!
*Dainippon Houtokusha is a memorial building for Hotoku history.

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