A set of yukata body, underwear, obi and clogs.

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Overwork is kind of the word which express Japanese people. Japanese people are sometimes ridiculed by the world as “worker ants” and “economic animals”. It is because they forgot “Four Principles of Hotoku Philosophy =Sincerity至誠、Diligence 勤労、Modesty 分度、Charity 推譲” which is important for our life.
With doubts about current style of working and living, the anger of various absurdities in the world has grown, therefore the ant monster “ARIX” was born. (*Ant is called as “Ari” in Japanese) ARIX is an original character of the exclusive designer of La Vertu Coton.
ARIX is a kind monster and altruism, so ARIX gives people chance to consider Hotoku Philosophy. It is also our wish.

This product is made of 100% organic cotton, dyed with traditional technique called as “Hamamatsu Chusensome” and sewed by hand. In addition to the Yukata, the price includes Yukata sets (under wear, Obi (sash), Geta (footwear), small bag) which is needed when you wear.
When you visit Kakegawa city to get purchased product, we will order meeting service in station, dress you in Yukata, take you a sightseeing for around 3 hours, FOR FREE! I hope you can enjoy “Omotenashi” in Kakegawa city.
Accommodation fee or lunch is not included in the price however we can introduce.

All products are hand sewing and tailor made for our customers. It takes around one month after your order completed.

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男性 (male), 女性(female)


~139cm, 140~144, 145~149, 150~154, 155~159, 160~164, 165~169, 170~174, 175~179, 180~184, 185~189, 190~194, 195~ 199, 200~204, 205~209, 210~

裄(sleeve length)

~72cm, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87~

腰回り(hip size)

~67cm, 68~75, 76~83, 84~93, 94~103, 104~113, 114~


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